Humpty Dumpty is back in the latest Beware the Batman. Since I’m not a fan, was the episode able to thrive despite him? SPOILERS!

Batman (Anthony Ruivivar) and Katana (Sumalee Montano) wake up in a strange mansion. And they’re not alone; they’re joined by Commissioner Gordon (Kurtwood Smith), Mayor Grange (C.C.H. Pounder), and gangster Tobias Whale (Michael-Leon Wooley). They are informed by their captor, Humpty Dumpty (Matt L. Jones) that he will only let them go if they play his insane games. Let the games begin.

This episode is very atmospheric, which is it’s greatest strength. It can be very creepy, and when some of the characters begin to panic, its believable. I mean, they’re at the mercy of a madman. Dumpty, while he’s annoying, has a high-pitched voice that also signals his insanity.

Beware the Batman Games

Otherwise, I’m pretty critical with this episode. One of the things holding it back is that it’s a kid show, despite airing on Adult Swim. Thus, no one dies, or even gets hurt. And the climax also wrecks some of the tension: Humpty accidentally activates one of the traps…and lives. So, that trap was never actually dangerous? Huh.

I really don’t like Dumpty. Yes, he can be creepy, in his juvenile way, but once the heroes actually catch him, he goes down pathetically easy. His follow-up plan was pathetic…fire a cannon at them. Which even overweight Tobias easily dodges. Plot-wise, the mystery aspect was disappointing. It’s impossible to solver, because it hinges on facts we aren’t given. Its frustrating.

I do hope it doesn’t sound like I’m ranting. It is a fine, creepy episode, held back by it’s status as a kid’s show. As an adult show, this would have been so much better.

Beware the Batman Games screenshot

  • Creepy, tension-filled atmosphere
  • Voice acting is perfectly fine
  • As a kid's show, episode can't reach full potential
  • Villain is lame, weak climax
  • Mystery is a cheat