BBC to announce new DOCTOR WHO Doctor on Sunday!


The past few months have been really difficult for us Whovians (That’s Fan-slang for followers of the cult British TV series Doctor Who), with the heart wrenching finale, the extremely long wait till the fiftieth anniversary celebrations,  and series star Matt Smith’s departure. Matt Smith starred as the titular Doctor or at least his eleventh incarnation, succeeding fan favorite David Tennant, from 2010 to 2013.

After at least two months of speculation,  the BBC is finally ready to end speculation and answer the question that must always be unanswered. Doctor Who?

The BBC announced formally via Twitter that they will formally announce the new actor this Sunday live along with series star Matt Smith, and host Zoe Ball. The event will be a retrospective glance at Matt’s time as the beloved Doctor culminating in the big reveal. The event will be simulcast on BBC affiliates, and will air here in the US at 2PM ET on Sunday the 4th of August. A trailer can be viewed here.

David Tennant and Matt Smith will both appear in the fiftieth anniversary celebrations

Smith will have two more appearances on the show, one being the much anticipated fiftieth anniversary special to be simulcast on November 23rd 2013 (Also featuring David Tennant and John Hurt), and the other being the Christmas special where the doctor will regenerate into his twelfth incarnation.

So Whovians, with the clock striking twelve for our favorite time lord, any final guesses? Currently the most likely name actor to be named doctor is Peter Capaldi (The Thick of it, Torchwood : Children of Earth), but we won’t know till Sunday now will we?

Peter Capaldi seems to be the bookies current favorite suspect for the twelfth doctor.

But we wanna hear from you! Will the doctor finally be ginger? Or will we get a female doctor? Sound off in the comments below!

SOURCE: avclub