Avengers Assemble “Hyperion” Review


Season 1 Episode 8 – “Hyperion”

This week’s episode is about Marvel’s first attempt at mocking Superman (the Sentry being the second) with the appearance of Hyperion. In the comics, Hyperion was the top dog of Earth-712 who first popped up in Avengers #86 (1971). Though his power set (heat vision, super strength, flight, invulnerability) made it apparent that he was a Superman knock off, the version in today’s episode went even farther with the Kryptonian comparisons.From his origin story (sole survivor of a destroyed planet) to his comments about liking Thor’s red cape, this Hyperion might as well have had a giant ‘S’ on his chest.

The Avengers, upon first meeting him, enthusiastically attempt to recruit Hyperion to the team. Everyone seems to be impressed by how powerful he is, everyone except Captain America that is. Cap’s misgivings turn out to be valid when the team has to stop Hyperion from killing the Wrecker. Enraged, the Superman-wannabe attacks and proves to be more than a match for everyone on the team, at least one-on-one. He leaves the Hulk trapped at the bottom of the Hudson River, catches Mjolnir with one hand (taking Thor’s cape as trophy), and rips off Falcon’s wings.

Realizing they are ridiculously outmatched, Iron Man flies to Hyperion’s floating citadel and hacks into his computer. Tony discovers that “Big H” wasn’t entirely honest about his origins. While he is the sole survivor of a doomed planet, it was he that destroyed said planet. Though he calls himself a hero, Hyperion used his powers to force peace on those weaker than him. When the denizens of his home planet resisted, he annihilated them. When confronted with this information, he becomes at first confused (obviously he had convinced himself that he did what was right) and further enraged him. This gives the team enough time to regroup and strike as one. One well placed, supercharged, shot from Thor and Hyperion is defeated.

Superman-bashing aside, this week’s episode was pretty good. It was almost like a dream seeing this faux Man of Steel squaring off with the Hulk and Thor. Hopefully this isn’t the last we’ll see of Hyperion. In the end, it was Iron Man’s brains that won the day, but everyone (except Black Widow) got decent amounts of screen time. I’ll see you guys next week when I review episode 9 (or later today when I review this week’s Ultimate Spider-Man). Until next time true believers, stay super!