ARROW Reveals Its New And Improved ARSENAL

Arrow season 2 was a wild ride for all of its main characters, but Roy Harper was put through the ringer more than anyone. Forcefully injected with the Mirakuru, he gain super strength and invulnerability, but his anger issues were elevated to new heights. After a bout of Roy-d Rage (get it?) that resulted in the death of two cops, he was injected with a cure that relieved him of his enhanced strength, but brought him back to normal.

However, just because he’s not super strong anymore doesn’t mean Roy can’t be a productive member of Team Arrow. Attending the Oliver Queen School of Archery and Combat, he has the skills to head out and fight evil alongside the Arrow. Just don’t call him Speedy…or Red Arrow for that matter! No, this vigilante goes by the name of Arsenal, and Entertainment Weekly has released the first look at Roy’s costumed identity.


To be fair, this isn’t technically Arsenal’s debut. In the season 2 finale Unthinkable, Roy fought alongside Oliver, Sara, Nyssa al Ghul and the League of Assassins against Slade Wilson’s Mirakuru army. However, aside from the red mask, Roy was wearing his usual red hoodie and jeans outfit. Yeah, he busted out the archery skills, but that more of a pro to-Arsenal.


This, however, is the Arsenal that we’ve all been waiting for. I have to say, I think I prefer this costume to Oliver Queen’s. Maybe it’s just the professional lighting, but the red looks extremely sleek, and the outfits itself gives off more of a hunter vibe. The only thing that would complete the look is if he had a metal arm…which will likely happen at some point in the next few seasons. Going off on a brief tangent, check out this match-up: Arsenal vs. Winter Soldier. Who would win? Place your bets now!

Hopefully with his new role, Roy will develop into a more interesting character. Yes, we get it, he’s had a difficult life and has anger issues, but give the man some more dimension! Fighting crime gives him a healthier outlet to deal with his anger (although I still suggest a therapist), and with Thea traveling with Daddy Merlyn, he can move past being the angst boyfriend. Although, if they insist on putting Roy through a downward spiral, at least give him the drug addiction so that they can recreate the infamous Green Lantern/Green Arrow cover, with Diggle substituting for Hal Jordan.


SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly