AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAK SHOW “Massacres and Matinees” Review

The newest episode of American Horror Story is getting freakier and crazier. It is worth watching?

Here is an episode description:

A citywide curfew threatens to shut down the freak show; a strongman from Ethel’s troubled past arrives at camp; Gloria arranges a terrifying play date for Dandy; the Tattler Twins reveal a talent that could knock Elsa from the spotlight.

Last night the newest episode of occurred and let me tell you that it was a doozy. Last night, we started with the cops poking around the freak show because of the deaths that have been happening in the neighboring town. This opens the doors for speculation and lots of hate. We got to meet some new characters Dell and his girlfriend who is a hermaphrodite. It was interesting idea that is executed nicely. We, also, learn that Dell and Ethel (Kathy Bates), have a past relationship and know that they had a child. I won’t reveal who it is but its very cool. Then we have the creepy clown and his new best friend Dandy, who is this weird and odd kid, who seems to be a spoiled brat. That doesn’t go quite well but we see that these two might be a problem later. Then we have a very sad ending with a death and a new revelation. It is very exciting.


This episode is very interesting in a lot of great ways. First off, it does a great commentary on different relationships that are not just heterosexual and it does it in new way that hasn’t been seen before. It is very interesting.

However, the biggest thing that this episode does is really brings out the ideas of treating people that are different with such hate. We see this minority group that are nice but have quirks being killed and treated so poorly it is very gross. You will have to see it to really get the effect but it works.

Overall, the AHS still keeps my attention while giving me the feels.

  • +Awesome new characters
  • +A creepy and disturbing feel
  • +Great ideals behind the the scenes
  • +A great and explosive ending