Matthew Vaughn Will Probably Direct STAR WARS EPISODE 7

I know the director rumors surrounding STAR WARS EPISODE 7 are nauseating, but this one’s a bit more legitimate than the usual fanboy fare. If you’ll remember back to a few week’s ago, we broke news that X-Men: First Class veteran Matthew Vaughn was being considered for this new series of Jedi centric flicks, which would be warmly welcomed by the over obsessed masses. It never amounted to anything more than a rumour, though… until now.

Vaughn’s frequent collaborator and BFF Jason Flemyng recently let slip that the director is in fact Disney’s chosen one. How awesome is that? Check out the full blurb below…

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“Me and [Matthew Vaughn] have done nine films together so I’m sure I’ll get the call for Star Wars. But I’m sure it’s going to be ‘Flemyng, no…I know on paper it doesn’t look like much but I promise you it’s essential to the part.’ So we’ll see what happens with that.”

Besides returning the X-Men to their former glory in First Class (with an extra helping of NAZI murdering for added fun), Vaughn also directed Kick-Ass, which was one bloody, face pummelling, karate kicking spectacle. If he delivers at least half of the awesome sauce from those flicks to “A galaxy far, far away”, then we’re in for a brave new world of Star Wars… and NAZI’s.  Come on?  What would be cooler than Jedi’s battling a brood of schnitzel eating krauts?

My fault, was that too racist?

But to the point at hand… What do you think about Vaughn and Star Wars?

We tried to contact Darth Vader again, but he couldn’t be bothered to comment.