5 VILLAINS Who Deserve a Movie

We have all heard the talk about Tom Hiddleston and many moviegoers wanting a Loki feature film. This could lead to an interesting movie considering how awesome Hiddleston was in The Avengers. While Loki is not my favorite villian by any stretch of the word favorite, I would enjoy a film focusing him. The problem would be the plot of that movie, what would it be about? It’s hard to sympathize with him after The Avengers, and he doesn’t have a lot of redeeming qualities. Here are some of my choices of other villains who deserve their own movie.


Black Mask

I’m talking about Roman Sionis’ Black Mask. His Origin story is a very sad tale about parents who care more about their social status then they do their son. Through years of neglect, Roman grows up to be fairly normal, at first. It’s not until his parents demand he leave the love of his life, a working-class girl, Sionis becomes enraged and burns his parents house down with them in it. This is the point when readers of the comics start seeing Black Mask come out. He is a very deep and interesting character. More people will be introduced to Black Mask in Arkham Origins.

Baron Zemo

For those who don’t know Zemo, he is not a nice guy. Son of a wannabe Hitler, Zemo was taught all about a master race and he grew up knowing nothing more than that. Idolizing his father, he became enraged when Captain America killed him. For years he waited for the perfect moment to attempt to kill the Cap. From Zemo’s perspective his story is sad, you grow up knowing one thing (no matter how sick and wrong that one thing is), the man you idolize most is murdered by a man who stands for everything you hate. Zemo could be a real symbol of evil; hate, vengence, pride, and he’s a genius engineer on top of that.

Black Adam

Black Adam will never get a movie because Shazaam should never get a movie. But ignoring that, Black Adam is a very interesting character. He does some really bad things, but everything he does is to protect his family and his home. After the death of his wife, Black Adam’s true power comes out. He starts World War 3 and is then banished from Earth, but then almost gives his life to stand up to Darkseid in Final Crisis. Few other Villians have the mind or the heart of Black Adam. He is a compelling character with crazy strength and powers, but is very flawed. Something like an anit-superman



Ok I might be cheating a bit here by calling him a villain, but Gambit has been portrayed as a villain and as a hero many different times in many different canons. One way or another the fact that Remy LeBeau has only been in one of the X-men movies is a joke. He has connections with Mr. Sinister many times in the comics, and any of the newer TV shows show him working with Magneto. He is a thief and therefor he is a criminal. No matter if he’s good or bad, he should get a movie.



Kingpin is cool. He grew up being picked on mercilessly by other kids and going home to nothing. He starts training in combat and soon attacks the bullies who made his life hell, forcing them to join his gang. He joins a mob, kills the boss, and takes over. He did all this with no superpowers and no talents outside of his fighting skills and his intellect. A movie staring the Kingpin could be a cool mob movie, and it would open the door to a new Daredevil (which I really want).