5 Spring Anime You Should Be Watching

As the spring anime season enters the halfway point, we here at UTF have taken on the daunting task of recommending five shows this season that show off just what the Spring Season has to offer. This isn’t a “Top 5” list, just recommendations in case you are still having trouble figuring out what to watch this season. Let’s get started.

Captain Earth

Captain Earth

Studio: Bones

Where to watch: Crunchyroll

What is it about: High school student Daichi Manatsu finds himself thrust into an intergalactic battle with the mysterious Kil-T-Gang aliens from Uranus. Along with the intergalactic defense agency Globe, Daichi battles the Kill-T-Gang with the help f the powerful Earth Impacter Engine.

Why You Should Be Watching: Aside from some exciting giant robot fighting action. Captain Earth has some heart and weight underneath it as Daichi reconnects with old friends and tries to follow in his father’s footsteps as he learns more about the Kill-T-Gang.

Chaika – The Coffin Princess


Studio: Bones

Where to watch: Crunchyroll

What is it about: Years ago, the evil emperor Arthru Gaz was killed by 8 heroes who each took a piece of his body which held his magical power. Now his daughter Chiaka is on a quest to retrieve her father’s body from the heroes with the help of sibling saboteurs Toru and Akari.

Why you should be watching: Chaika creates and interesting world in it’s narrative, with lots of history and varied locales. There is also a hint of mystery as to why Chaika wants to recover her father’s body parts, if she is even telling the truth about who she says she ie.

Black Bullet


Studio: Kinema Citrus

Where to watch: Crunchyroll

What is about: In the year 2021 mankind is nearly eradicated by a parasitic virus known as Gastrea. Forced to live behind monoliths, humanity fights back with the help of Civil Secrurities, an agency formed to stop Gastrea outbreaks by utilizing Initiators, “cursed” female children born with the Gastrea virus, and Promoters, normal humans selected to lead the children. Rentaro Satomi, a Promoter, is selected for a secret mission along with Initiator, Enju Aihara in order to stop a madman’s plot to wipe out humanity for good.

Why you should be watching: Fans of last years hit Attack on Titan, will find something to like about Black Bullet. The show have similar feels to them, what with humanity being pushed behind man made walls from an unearthly threat that only a select few with connections to the threat can stop. Although that is where the similarities stop for the most part as Black Bullet is not afraid to have a sense of humor about itself and way less melodramatic, projecting a fun but at the same time dangerous vibe.

Nanana’s Buried Treasure


Studio: A-1 Pictures

Where to watch: Crunchyroll

What is it about: On the “Special Student Zone” artificial island – Nanaejima, the islands founder, a young girl named Nanana Ryūgajō, was mysteriously killed in her own apartment. Ten years later, a boy named Juugo Yama finds himself renting Nanana’s apartment that is haunted by her ghost, who is bound to her former home and unable to move on until she finds her killer. Juugo soon joins the school’s adventure club whose mission is to search for the Nanana Collection, treasures scattered thoughout the island that possess mysterious powers, while Juugo also helps Nanana find her killer.

Why you should be watching: Nanana’s Buried Treasure is just as it advertises, a high energy treasure hunt pack with lots of puzzles, thrills, and mystery. With it’s rounded out cast and nice animation, this is certainly one to watch.

JJBAS – Stardust Crusaders


Studio: David Production

Where to watch: Crunchyroll

What is it about: In the year 1987, Jotaro Kujo joins his grandfather Joseph Joestar and others on a journey to find and kill the immortal vampire Dio with the aid of their mysterious powers known as Stands.

Why you should be watching: Continuing the trend started by Phantom Blood, Stardust Crusdaers is a revamped anime of the third and most well known arc of the long running Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure manga series. Think of it as DBZ, if almost every character was in the Ginyu Force. Poses, other the top action, poses, over dramatic explanations, POSES (seriously the characters here pose and posture like their on the cover of Vogue). If you like your shonen with just a bit of cheese, and music references, Stardust Crusaders is for you.

Well there you have it folks. 5 spring anime that are more than worth your time. Did we hit the nail on head? Or did we miss some of your favorites?

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