5 Chances to Win a Copy of BACK TO BACK TO THE FUTURE Comic

Indie film producer David Guy Levy’s created a cinephile’s dream in his new comic book mini-series BACK TO BACK TO THE FUTURE. As the title suggests, this book deals with the production Robert Zemeckis’s classic 80’s flick, in particular the giant casting fiasco with Eric Stoltz. You see, Michael J. Fox wasn’t originally selected for the role of Marty McFly. No, instead Eric Stoltz (of Pulp Fiction fame), was the first thespian in those fly shoes, but a few weeks into production Zemeckis decided that he wanted a funnier guy for the job, and kicked Stoltz to the curb. Yeah… pretty big dick move if you ask me.

Well, Levy’s crafted a time travel tale all about preventing Stoltz from leaving the film (or, I suppose the more accurate expression would be “getting fired). Here’s a pretty awesome video that explains the project.

And guess what? You can win all 6 comics!!!


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