5 Avengers We Want To See In The Movies

In 300 days 10 hours and 30 odd minutes, Avengers: Age of Ultron will hit theaters. If you’re like me, the wait is starting to get to you. Sure we’ve seen a bevy of set photos, watched/listened to numerous cast interviews, and greedily gobbled up any and all information we can (such as the recent news of the addition of mo-cap top cat, Andy Serkis), but it’s just not enough. So, in an effort to take your mind off the long wait for the sequel to the most successful superhero movie ever, I present you with 5 Avengers We Want To See In The Movies:


1. Black Panther

One of the most important superheroes of all time, Prince T’Challa was more than just one the first African American heroes in mainstream comics to the Avengers. The man known as “Marvel’s Batman” is an expert tactician, technological genius, extremely skilled martial artist and often served as the moral compass for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. When Marvel Studios released there film schedule for the next decade, Black Panther’s name was on there, but as a solo film (one he definitely deserves). What fans really want to see is the King of Wakanda fighting side-by-side with Iron Man and Cap. Though, much like Hawkeye and Black Widow, T’Challa doesn’t have any true super powers (he temporarily gains heightened senses and reflexes from consuming a rare, heart-shaped herb found in his hidden African nation) he has never had a problem with taking down some of the Avengers’ biggest baddies.

Actor Who Should Portray Him On Screen: Mekhi Phifer

2. Wonder Man

First appearing in Avengers #9, Simon Williams was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1964. Introduced as a business competitor of Tony Stark’s, Simon was later given super powers by the villainous Baron Zemo in an attempt to infiltrate the Avengers. Sacrificing himself to save Iron Man and company, Wonder Man wasn’t seen or heard from again until Avengers #102 (1972). Though he isn’t the first antagonist to become a full-fledged team member in the Avengers’ illustrious history, he is definitely one of the most powerful. The ionic-powered Wonder Man possesses strength and durability on par with that of Thor and would be an invaluable ally in the team’s upcoming battles against Ultron and Thanos. And if the current rumors about the Hulk popping up in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 are true, then introducing Simon would be easier than ever (he served on the Guardians squad in the year 3009 under the name Hollywood). As an Avenger or a Guardian, Wonder Man would be a great addition to the MCU.

Actor Who Should Portray Him On Screen: Brandon Routh


3. Hercules

Originally introduced as a replacement for Thor (who had pressing matters in Asgard to attend to), Hercules quickly became a fan favorite character. Just like his fellow “god” Thor, Herc was first introduced in Journey Into Mystery (Annual #1, 1965). Though he lacks the Odinson’s power over lightning, Herc makes up for it in strength, toughness, and the uncanny ability to charm the pants off almost any woman. If he were to pop up in the films, moviegoers could be treated to the friendly rivalry between the jovial Hercules and the more serious Thor (though Herc has always been able to get under Thor’s skin). They could even include him in Thor 3 since the 2 godly beings had some great adventures on their own. When it comes to determining which characters they’ll bring into the MCU, Joss Whedon and co. should remember the old adage; “2 gods are better than one.”

Actor Who Should Portray Him On Screen: Jason Momoa 

4. Ms. Marvel

The woman who has quickly become Marvel’s version of Wonder Woman, Carol Danvers would bring a much needed strong female presence to the male-dominated team (Black Widow is one lonely super heroine). Unlike Widow, Ms. Marvel has powers, including flight, super strength and energy blasts. Introduced in 1968, the former Air Force major received her powers after being bombarded with alien radiation (in the comics it was Kree, but could easily be from the Chtauri in the movies). Including Ms. Marvel in the Avengers movie would not only give the team another heavy hitter, but would be another way for Marvel to show DC how it’s done (I don’t have high hopes for Dawn of Justice).

Actress Who Should Portray Her On Screen: Charlize Theron

5. She-Hulk

The one woman that comic book fans are all but demanding to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Given her longtime cult following and family ties with Bruce “The Hulk” Banner, her inclusion in the upcoming Avengers films (or the rumored Hulk solo film) is a no-brainer. The last Silver Age character created by the venerable Stan Lee in 1980, mousy attorney Jennifer Walters became the Sensational She-Hulk after receiving an emergency blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce. Though she’s not quite as strong as “the strongest one there is,” she makes up for it by not becoming an uncontrollable monster when she transforms, and, much like Ms. Marvel above, she would add a strong female presence to the super-powered sausagefest that was The AvengersEven Mark Ruffalo wants to see her on screen, stating that Zoe Saldana or Emma Stone would fill out the role quite nicely. Hopefully Marvel Studios will listen to Mr. Ruffalo and Jenn’s legions of fans and we’ll see the “single green female” sooner rather than later.

Actress Who Should Portray Her On Screen: Gina Carano

Honorable Mentions:

Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) – played by Emily Blunt

Mockingbird – played by Dakota Fanning

Sentry – played by Karl Urban

Black Knight – played by Benedict Cumberbatch

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