30 Seconds of The 3D Futurama Movie You’ve Always Wanted

Futurama is resurrected, yet again. This time the sci-fi classic adopts 3D animation as its form. Created by Vimeo uploader “seccovan” (the artist known as Alexey Zakharov), this 30 second treatment for a potential 3D Futurama Movie pulls out all the stops. Lens flares, a string crescendo, and a heavy helping of iconic ships… more than enough to make any Futurama fanboy cry with joy.

I won’t bother you with too many heavy handed words, so just check out this awesome snippet below:


While I’m not exactly sure why this 30 second test was release (Are they working on a Futurama Movie? Is there a new 3D Futurama show in the makes? What’s going on!??!?!) this sort of animation is a great compliment to the Futurama universe. Although, I imagine their version of Fry and his cohorts would look a little weird. That type of animation never really lends itself to realistic 3D worlds, and this Futurama short is most definitely a realistic take on the typically cartoonish landscape.

If the vimeo user “Seccovan” attempted a similar animation of Futurama’s main characters, we could very well approach some nasty Uncanny Valley stuff. Uncanny Valley, for those of you non-robot fans, is the term for anything that replicates a living creature in a creepy way. More specifically, it refers to massive dip in true-to-life quality that artists & animators experience when they try to replicate humans. Corpses, soulless Animatronics, those weird automated Japanse sex robots…. these all fall into the Uncanny Valley.

Poop, I’m not explaining it well. Just check out this graph.

uncanny valley