BETTER CALL SAUL: 2 Things We Absolutely Need To See

Breaking Bad is not over yet. The show about “Mr. Chips turning into Scarface” was so good, not even the show’s creator Vince Gilligan could step away completely from his “finite” series. Continuing and expanding the Breaking Bad universe is the spinoff Better Call Saul, a new series about the criminal lawyer with all the connections that helped Walter White become the drug kingpin of Albuquerque, New Mexico within one year of being diagnosed with lung cancer.


The series is set to take place before, during and after the events of Breaking Bad, meaning Walter White & Jesse Pinkma, will be making appearances throughout the serie, that has already been renewed for a second season despite the production being delayed till next year. Like most fans of Breaking Bad, I am excited and a bit on edge regarding the spin-off and its “lighter” tone. There is a few things, however, I want to see/ need to see!


First, a prologue set right after the events of Breaking Bad showing everyone who knew Walter White reactions to the news coverage of his massacre and death. It is unnecessary for most people to see this, but I honestly want this to happen. I want to see Marie having a satisfied grin/smile seeing Walter’s body being moved to an ambulance in a body bag. I want to see Skylar in tears as Flynn stands, emotionless behind her, holding Holly who has no idea what is going on. I want to see the DEA’s reactions.


I also want to see Jesse catching the news on a TV in some unknown gas station, giving him closure. Then I want the prologue to transition straight to a Cinnabon, where the former “Saul Goodman” is greeting viewers as the manager and taking their order.

From there I want Saul narrating to explain to the viewers, letting newbies know exactly how he became Mr. Low-Profile in Nebraska managing a Cinnabon, taking everyone back to the beginning of his career, leaving law school and as the series goes on, guides us on a journey through his life and how he became so we’ll connected.

As long as I see everyone’s reactions to Walt’s death and how he took down everybody with a transition to Saul, managing a Cinnabon, I’d being a satisfied camper! However, since this is coming from Vince Gilligan, the guy that proved all my predictions for the final 8 episodes of Breaking Bad wrong, I’m sure he’ll come up with something crazy, even for a “comedy.”