Yo Ho Ho Matey’s! The Trailer for One Piece Strong World Has Arrived!

Ok the title may be a bit lame, but the news is no less impactful. Licensed along with the 5 season of the show earlier this year, Funimation announced at Anime Expo in July that One Piece Strong World movie would be getting a release on November 19th of this year. And now we finally have ourselves a trailer!

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Strong World finds the Straw Hat crew on another wild adventure as an evil captain Shiki The Golden Lion (voiced by Scott McNeill) kidnaps Nami (Luci Christian) and forces her to be part of his crew. It’s now up to Luffy (Colleen Clinkenbeard) and the rest of his crew to save Nami & defeat Shiki before he can carry out his evil plans.

Strong World was one of the highest grossing anime films in Japan when it was originally released in 2009, making a total of over 47 million before its run in theaters ended. It was also helped by Toei releasing One Piece Volume 0, a manga companion to the movie.

The movie looks great, nice crisp visuals and some of that patented over the top One Piece action. In the movie we also get introduced to some brand new characters. In addition to the aforementioned Shiki, we also see Luffy’s grandpa Monkey D. Garp (voiced by Brian Mathis) who happens to also be a  Vice Admiral in the Navy, and we meet this man:

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That’s right the Straw Hats resident skeletal musician Brook makes his dub debut with the Strong World movie and he’s voiced by none other than Ian Sinclair! This is a pretty big deal since the arc of One Piece that Brook debuts hasn’t been dubbed yet and ever since Funimation announced the release of the Strong World movie fans have been speculating who was going to play the bare bones singer. While most thought it was going to be Jerry Jewell, Ian Sinclair won out. I for one am excited about Ian Sinclair playing Brook and from the video it looks like he’s going to do a great job (that laugh is spot on).

Strong World sets sails November 18th on Blu-Ray DVD Combo pack.

I know I’ll be getting a copy, what about you guys?