Warner Bros. set the internet on fire earlier this week when they announced their plans to release a Zack Snyder-directed Justice League film after Batman vs. Superman even though everyone in comics journalism totally expected.

However, what we don’t know is who will be on the Justice League’s team roster come 2018(?).

But before we move to the round up, we wanted to sit down with one of our resident experts, Stephen Lemlek, Professor of Team Up Movies, to ask him about what he thinks of the announcement:

“It was inevitable that Warner Bros. would not bother bringing in new talent to help direct their comic book movies and stick with the same director for 3 movies in a row like they did with Christopher Nolan. Hopefully Green Lantern won’t have a CGI mask in Justice League.

CGI doesn’t look good on The Rock.”

In today’s Unleash The Fanboy Community Round Up, the UTF staff answers:


Ciaren Chivers-Procter:

“Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman – No way in hell they’re not going to be in it.

The Flash – The lighthearted character, plus increased exposure due to TV.

Green Lantern – Probably Jon Stewart for diversity.

Hawkgirl – Again for diversity.

Aquaman – The only way Affleck can shoehorn in his bum chum Damon.

Cyborg – He’s cool.”

Bader Noaimi:

“Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Cyborg. I think they’re going with five members this time around and these guys seem like the ideal choice. Or maybe they would replace Green Lantern with The Flash or Aquaman.”

Jay Deitcher:

I am sure the flick will have Supes, Batman and WW, then hopefully Green Arrow, hopefully John Stewart to distance Green Lantern from the last flick. Maybe Martian Manhunter. Another female character would be good. In conclusion, none of this matters to me as I give absolutely no craps.”

Adam Holmes:

“Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman – Duh, obviously, you gotta!

The Flash – A lot depends on how the TV show turns out, but he’ll likely show up.

Green Lantern – Probably, though whether they use Hal Jordan or Jon Stewart is a whole other thing.

Aquaman – He deserves a big screen appearance!

Cyborg – Guaranteed, though I’d rather see Martian Manhunter.

In closing, we’ll be getting the New 52 lineup (with Jon Stewart possibly subbing for Hal).”