Why I’m psyched about “Young Ones”

So in case you haven’t heard, Noah Baumbach’s newest project is finally in production. The film, titled Young Ones is a futuristic Sci-Fi drama that chronicles the life of a boy whose father has just been murdered. After hearing the news of his father’s death, the youth subsequently discovers that the same murderer is now living with his sister and so the conflict ensues. The promo image for the film, which will be directed by Jake Paltrow, has this classic, dystopian feeling to it. It looks like it could be a great cowboy drama, but with a twist.

After all, that’s what Baumbach’s best known for. Most of his films tread familiar ground, like Noah and the Whale‘s coming-of-age story or the mid-life crisis in the Stiller comedy Greenberg. But Baumbach finds great news ways of inspecting the archetypes of these stories and deconstructing them until see see the characters in a new, more honest way. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a bit of a Baumbach Fanboy, but before I wandered off into the land of flattery, I think I forgot one really important aspect…it looks really cool. Like a mix of Mad Max and True Grit. Check out the promo image below: