Why Do People Hate Tim Burton? Dark Shadows Looks Amazing

During our regular Sunday brunch here at the offices of UTF, we had a chance to discuss Tim Burton’s upcoming vampire flick Dark Shadows and I was surprised to discover that the majority of our staffers already kinda hate the film. In fact, I’m the only who’s even remotely excited for it, which doesn’t really make sense… especially since I’m pretty anti-Depp.  Hmm, maybe not ‘anti’ (that terms a little harsh) but I’m definitely experiencing viewer’s fatigue after watching all of his weird on screen caricatures for the past two decades.

Well, after we scarfed down our individual stacks of chocolate pecan pancakes and our very lovely pitchers of Mint Juleps (Yea, we’re classy), we dived further into the conversation, and I soon learned the source of their hatred: Tim Burton. Apparently, there’s a “I hate Burton because his movies are all the same” bug going around and it’s infected the lot of our staff!

But whatevs… I still think Dark Shadows looks pretty damn cool. As a matter of fact, check out these two brand new featurettes and decide for yourself.