Who Was J.J. Abrams’ Competition For The STAR WARS EPISODE VII Directing Gig?

Last night the shocking bombshell dropped that J.J. Abrams was in final negotiations to direct Star Wars Episode VII, which is the biggest news since Disney’s acquisition of LucasFilm and the announcement of the film back at the end of October.

The news has yet to be confirmed by Disney/LucasFilm but the story was broke by a very reliable source and then further confirmed by THREE even more reliable sites, so it’s safe to say Abrams is making the movie. For three months the entire internet debated on who would direct the film, and there was countless rumours about the matter, so which ones ended up coming true?

Well, The Wrap (who broke the story) also revealed that the studio was courting Ben Affleck (director of the Best Picture-nominated Argo) for the job, however he came out and said last year that he had no interest in helming it.

SlashFilm further went on to say that the gig had been offered to Steven Spielberg, who strongly supported Abrams towards Kathleen Kennedy, and Matthew Vaughn (heavily rumoured to have already got the job). Additionally, the site also revealed that Vaughn *may* have pitched to have Chloe Grace Mortetz (who he worked with on Kick-Ass) to get the lead role.

What do the choices of director say about what Star Wars Episode VII will be like? The latter site posted an editorial deducing that the reason Abrams backtracked on his previous position on directing the film is because the sequel would be dark, gritty and dirty, the exact opposite to Star Trek.

Spielberg has done both very dark and very light work, as has Matthew Vaughn (both are capable of meshing the two; which is basically Star Wars) while Ben Affleck’s films are generally plain dark. To me, it’s fairly obvious that Star Wars Episode VII will be more in line with the Original Trilogy than the Prequel Trilogy (my inner nerd leaps for joy).

Are you glad that J.J. Abrams is directing Star Wars Episode VII? Would you have liked to see any of the other choices take a crack at the role? Share your thoughts below!

SOURCE: SlashFilm