Which Avenger Had The Most Screen-Time?

As you’re probably aware now, Joss Whedon’s superhero team-up Marvel’s The Avengers is a runaway juggernaut of a hit (both critically  – and a lot of the critical acclaim stemmed from Whedon giving every Avenger a relatively equal share of screen-time and character development. But who exactly got the most screen-time? The people at Vulture might just (well, they do) have the definitive answers. They’ve used a stopwatch during a screening of a movie to time scenes where certain characters were prominently featured and find out once and for all which Avenger got the most screen-time, and the results are pretty surprising. Have a look below:

(The timings are in minutes and seconds)

Hawkeye: 12:44
Thor: 25:52

Bruce Banner/The Hulk: 28:03

Black Widow: 33:35

Iron Man: 37:01

Captain America: 37:42

So The Avengers wasn’t the ‘Tony Stark Show’ some people were expecting after all, with the first Avenger himself pipping Iron Man to first place. Black Widow came in at third, the Hulk/Bruce Banner (arguably the star of the movie) at fourth, Norse god Thor at fifth, and Hawkeye with less than half than Thor’s screen-time at sixth. Ouch. It’s interesting to see how the timings vary significantly, while in the movie, it felt like they all had equal screen-time. Damn you, Whedon. You clearly have powers over us.