What I Think Will Happen In JURASSIC WORLD

Everybody knows Jurassic Park 4 is now going to be Jurassic World. This isn’t really news, so why write about it? We know very little about the blockbuster outside the Director, the writers and producers, some of the casting rumors, and the rumor that it will take place in the continental United States. Now we also know that it is no longer a Jurassic Park, but a Jurassic World. Will there be Dinosaurs roaming around New York? Will they spread across the Earth? I think the title says yes to both.

If you remember from the third movie Dr. Grant (Sam Neil) releases Pterodactyls into the wild stating it is time to find their own place in the world. My reaction to this line was “WHAT THE HELL?!” I know it’s not like he airlifted a T-Rex into downtown Tokyo and just let it be, but it’s not so far off. The Pterodactyls (specifically the Pteranodons that he released) have a 6 meter wingspan, had a very sharp beak, and (at least in the movies) were aggressive. File:Pteranodon scale.png

Imagine one of those thing flying at you with a thirst for Human Blood! Really they try to eat Billy in Jurassic Park III. There was no reason to just be chill about those things making their way in the world.

Now as to where they go, they can fly anywhere in the world. Pteranodon fossils were found in Central United States areas (Kansas) and parts of England, so naturally I think they would end up traveling to those areas. They would cause panic in London and other major cities (Kansas City, Rome) causing military support from around the world and a need for people who understand the creatures so they can capture and not kill. This brings in some old cast members along with new characters.

Concerned about causing another mass extinction, a group of people (Dr. Grant, Ellie Sattler, etc.) try to bring some Pteranodons back to Isla Nublar, where they discover the dinosaur population has dwindled almost to a point of extinction, except for the T-rex population (who are extraordinarily aggressive towards the people). After leaving the island a group of Velociraptors somehow get onto the ship or plane, and after the crew lands back in the US they attack. The rest of the movie is about the characters decisions about either killing the rest of the raptors (thus killing the entire population) or risk taking them back to the island.

I do not know the plot of the movie. This could be along the lines purely based off the title, the rumors, and the ending of the last movie. June 12, 2015 we will know what the real plot of this movie will be.