What Do You Think Of This New ROBOCOP Armor?

If you can remember, a few weeks ago we brought you a first look at Alex Murphy’s brand new armor from the latest Hollywood reboot ROBOCOP.

You were less than enthused.

In fact, the vast majority of you were pretty damn pissed, claiming the costume looked liked the hideous bastard child of Iron Man and Judge Dredd.

While we’d never be so gross in our judgement, I must admit, the staffers here at UTF were a bit disappointed with the new design. The best part of the 80’s original was the costume (even more so than the violence) and this new black garb just isn’t cutting it.

Well, we’ve managed to nab some more on set photos for you featuring our iron clad cyborg. Check them out below.

Is that a robo-diaper? I’m all for progress, but that’s just a little TOO realistic for my taste.

What do you guys think? For all my bitching, I think this will surely be an enjoyable movie, but perhaps just not as much as the original. After all, it is a reboot…