We’re Getting Another Muppet Movie!

Without Jason Segel, as a writer anyway. Vulture reports that Disney has reached an agreement with the director of the first movie, James Bobin, and the writer Nicholas Stoller to collaborate on a sequel to the critically acclaimed revival of the Muppet franchise. Sadly, due to Jason Segel’s other commitments (How I Met Your Mother, Five Yeah Engagement and This Is Forty) he will not have time to work on the sequel. But luckily, the site explains that Disney insiders say Segel could return as his character Gary, depending on which direction the script goes. But the one thing we can take out of this is: WE’RE GETTING A NEW MUPPET MOVIE!

As a massive fan of the Muppets in general, I completely fell in love with The Muppets, especially the musical aspect of it. In my opinion, Life’s A Happy Song should’ve been nominated for Best Song at the Oscars instead of Man or a Muppet! Anyway, who wants to see another Muppet movie? Sound off in the comments below!