WALKING DEAD’s Norman Reedus To Play Undead Vigilante In THE CROW?

Screen shot 2013-11-21 at 11.33.51 PM SchmoesKnow have been revealing some interesting casting news over the last couple of months. They have a new one concerning The Crow reboot. Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus (Blade 2, Boondock Saints) is being linked for the role of “James”. This is a reboot of the film franchise based on the comic book created by James O’Barr. Apparently, the studio wants to change the lead character’s name from Eric Draven. Actors such as Bradley Cooper and Mark Wahlberg were previously linked for the lead. Another name is also mentioned for the role of Shelley. Draven’s fiancee who is murdered (also graphically gang-raped beforehand) while he was forced to watch. Then also killed by the same gangsters. Her terrible death is the reason for his resurrection. Becoming an undead vigilante taking out everyone that was involved in their deaths. Kristen Stewart was being looked for that role but producers/studio likely not cast her. After hearing “that she wouldn’t attract an audience.”

I don’t disagree with that statement. Besides Snow White And The Huntsman, she hasn’t had any hits post-Twilight. You could even debate that Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron were the real audience draws for that film. Norman Reedus is wildly popular at the moment thanks to the crazy amount of ratings that Walking Dead pulls in weekly. Not to mention his role in The Boondock Saints earning him cult hero status. I have to admit Norman would make a better lead than Cooper. Who seemed like a terrible miscast at the time. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) is set to director after Stephen Norrington (Blade, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) vacated the project. Norrington left after he refused to allow changes to Nick Cave’s (Lawless, The Proposition) script. Demands that may or may not have been made by rumored actor Mark Wahlberg. Luke Evans (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Fast And Furious 6, Dracula: Untold) had been recently attached for the same role. It’s unknown if his current production of Dracula: Untold is the reason for the possible casting switch.

If Norman Reedus joins the film. Will it make you more inclined to watch The Crow reboot? Let us know, leave your comments below! NORMAN-REEDUS_ SOURCE: SCHMOESKNOW