Top 5 – Possible Extra-Terrestrial Celebrities

This summers latest comic book release, Men in Black, has a rich history of celebrity cameos in the franchise. The original Men in Black featured a computer screen with a handful of celebs, from Sylvestre Stallone to Danny DeVito, who were classified as aliens, whilst MiB2 featured Martha Stewart and the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The third installment is no different, featuring extra terrestrial cameos from Justin Bieber, renowned director Tim Burton and The Queen of Pop, Lady Gaga!

Alien or just a little cray-cray?

So in celebration of the release of Men in Black 3 we decided to put together our top 5 celebrities yet to appear in MIB who could easily be from another world:

Justin Timberlake: Multi-platinum recording artist, award winning actor and ladies man Justin Timberlake. The man is simply just too damn close to perfect. Clearly a synthetic life form sent down to infiltrate the human race and destroy us from within…

Ultimate Warrior: Undoubtedly one of the strangest men to ever step inside the squared circle. Ultimate Warrior used to ramble on about the most bizzarre things. Quite possibly a martian struggling to get to grips with basic human communication.


Marilyn Manson: Do we really need to explain this one? The soft spoken, metal star, is as strange as they come, from a freakishly bizarre appearance that would give your children nightmares, to reports of having parts of the body removed so that he can ‘look after himself’ that little bit better.


Lethal Bizzle: Our U.S readers might not be familiar with Lethal B, but Bizzle was one of the U.K’s hip hop heavyweights circa 2004. However recently he has taken to YouTube to spout insane drivel and meaningless one liners…. if he isn’t an alien then we are pretty sure he is the recipient of a lobotomy courtesy of the little green men.


Charlie Sheen:  If there was one celebrity who was undoubtedly out of this world, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that it is Charlie Sheen; he drink’s Tiger’s Blood for god’s sake! Only a visitor from another world could do that much coke and live to spout insane rambling about winning.

What celebrities do you think are out of this world?