Tom Hardy Talks Bane In The Dark Knight Rises

Talking to a Russian movie site, Tom Hardy speaks out on his role as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, including talking about how Bane will be portrayed in the movie and his admiration of director Christopher Nolan. Read it below:

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Bane is not just a mercenary. This guy has huge potential – it is, what is the average between the revolutionary and a dictator – it must be to some extent compared with Chegevaroy revolution in his blood, he can not live without it – when it comes to Gotham, things change forever. And he’s a machine that washes your brain – it seemed zombiruet others, and they are willing to blindly follow them without thinking about the consequences because they are scared the hell out of him coming to their town. This ability allows him to easily manipulate people, and in particular his large army of assassins. They would rather die than disobey his commander. Bane crushes both physically and mentally.

Bain is very interesting as a strength and a warehouse of his mind – he is a very unusual character – to undertake this role for me was very interesting, but I did it difficult to light the face of her once again in a major blockbuster, but in order to convey all uniqueness of his character, his charisma – that he knew how to be a real Bain and forgotten old movies, where he showed terrible to say the least. I remember once turned off the TV when he saw, and thought to myself, well, that Chris came up with another Bane, and took a third of the shoot, not giving it to other hands, as happened with Tim Burton.