THOR: THE DARK WORLD Could Take $100 Million Opening Weekend

Thor The Dark World Banner

Well done, Odinson!

The “mighty powers that be” who predict box office revenue have reassessed their initial $70 million projection, and have now declared that THOR: THE DARK WORLD should generate $90 million in its opening weekend. Not only that, but considering the recent Twitter trends (which have The Dark World outpacing both Iron Man 3 and The Avengers), the flick could very likely hit $100 million.

No other Marvel Studios solo flick has broken the big hundey besides Iron Man, so the grand Avengers marketing plan has certainly succeeded. Well, that, and their massive emphasis on Loki. Tom Hiddleston’s god of mischief originally held a smaller role in the film, but realizing the marketing potential of a larger presence, Marvel expanded the baddie’s story, which you’ve probably noticed in the awesome barrage of tv commercials.

The very first Thor: The Dark World trailer only featured Loki for a brief moment, at the tail end of the video, but every recent commercial has greater emphasized the black haired wonder. And don’t mistake that for a complaint, I love Loki Laufeyson as much as the next Asgardaphile, but the Hiddleston-centric focus of these ads has been a bit obtrusive. This is, after all, a film about Chris Hemsworth’s Thor.

thor the dark world poster