This Made Our Day: Harrison Ford Hilariously Refuses To Answer STAR WARS Questions

Okay I’ll be honest – when I saw the beginning of this clip I wasn’t really sure whether Harrison Ford was being serious or not, but it became apparent pretty quickly that this was in fact a skit based around Star Wars Episode VII. Last night on The Jimmy Kimmel Show Ford was a guest to promote the release of his new movie 42 (also starring Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘s Anthony Mackie) and took part in a hilarious scene where- well, watch it for yourself below:

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As always, Ford’s comedic timing is impeccable and it’s great to see him being such a good sport, as in the past he’s been seen as embarrassed  by his time as Han Solo in the Original Trilogy. But after this clip and several interviews it’s clear that he will definitely be reprising his role in VII, and I guess it shouldn’t be long now until an official announcement is made!

What do you think? Has Harrison still got it? Share your thoughts below.

SOURCE: Jimmy Kimmel