The Muppets Jab at Fox News

Kermit and Miss Piggy took an opportunity to confront criticism from Fox News as they toured Europe on the eve of the international release of their new flick, The Muppets. When the movie premiered in the United States a few months ago, Fox claimed that its use of an evil Oil Tycoon as the main villain served liberal ideology. Well, Kermit and Miss Piggy don’t exactly agree, and you can see so in this short video clip:

Now, you know we don’t like to get involved in politics here on Unleash The Fanboy, but I gotta say…WTF Fox News? How can they seriously attack a movie about puppets for having a ‘dangerous liberal agenda’. It’s more or less a children’s movie, and the number one priority of all of children’s movies is to teach morals. It just so happens that being a greedy and oppressive Oil Tycoon is immoral and notably opposed to the childhood notions of community and sharing.

What’d you guys think? Is this all just TOO silly? Or do you agree with Fox?