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Who doesn’t love a Minion?


I have to admit that I have a soft spot for the little yellow things. The highly-cynical world that we live in dictates that I should find them annoying due to their incoherent babbling and baby-like nature, however there’s something so hilarious and loveable about them that I just can’t help wanting to squeeze one. Universal recognises this and put their own spin-off movie into production which will probably make $1B or so, giving the studio some much needed cash. After all, Jurassic World and Furious 7 really didn’t do so well at all.

To promote their new movie the Minions appeared on BBC1’s The One Show, a particularly intolerable chat show here in Britain. The BBC figured that rather than a simple chat show appearance, they would do something more interesting and produce a sketch, wherein the Minions run rampant at the BBC Television Centre and end up in the TARDIS!!

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The actual sketch itself is kinda cringe-worthy, and you’ll only get a lot of the in-jokes if you live in the UK. However, if you just want to have some fun for 7 minutes and watch the Minions cross over with a fantastically popular geek show like Doctor Who then you’re in for a treat (it’s one of my most treasured TV shows). Say what you will, but you can throw them into any environment and you could probably produce something entertaining. They’re such a simple yet such a genius creation and I think Illumination Entertainment deserves mad props for producing a movie about a race of yellow blobs who can’t speak which is apparently pretty good.

Minions is out now.