The Fantastic Four May Head Back To Marvel Thanks To Josh Trank

After the debut of Josh Trank’s Chronicle earlier this year, Fox was quick to pounce on the young director to lead their Fantastic Four reboot… or, at least that was the game plan until Sony threw in their own scintillating offer with a Venom solo flick. Well, much to the dismay of those two huge Hollywood studios, Trank has decided to follow up his first blockbuster film with a lesser known project by the name of Red Star (a WB property). But don’t be so surprised with this decision, Red Star itself is a comic book, which fits quite happily into Trank’s comfort zone.

Though, the biggest news from this whole debacle is that Fantastic Four, now director-less, is one step closer to returning to the House of Ideas. Fox has a very limited time to produce another film featuring Marvel’s first family or else the rights will revert back, as per the contract. Now, no one from either camp has revealed exactly how long Fox has until their deal is null and void, but I’m going to guess it’s soon. After all, the studio’s done very little to conceal their panic.

So… what do you guys think? Will the return of the Fantastic Four open up a new, better side of Marvel Studios? Or will it be the same type of camp that we’ve seen before?

But maybe the bigger question is… how potentially weird it would be for Chris Evans to play in a movie alongside a different Johnny Storm?  Talk about deja vu!