The Evolution of Film Title Screens

Title screens are a particularly interesting (and mostly ignored) facet of cinema. After enjoying a film, you don’t really think to yourself “Holy Cheese Balls! That title screen had the most amazing font and incredible blood splatters I’ve ever seen in the world!”, do you?

No, you spend most of your time obsessing over the spectacle within the movie itself.  Even though they’re mostly overlooked, those title screens are pretty damn impressive. How many times have you seen The Lord of the Rings title pop up on your glorious flat screen TV, joined with Howard Shore’s ominous, violin laden score (in surround sound if your man cave is up to snuff)?

At that moment, you know you’ve been transported to a new world, and yes, shit is about to get real.

In that spirit, I’d like to share this gallery wtih 100 years of title screens that perfectly illuminates the evolution of an otherwise disregarded piece of movie art.

SOURCE: reddit