The DEADPOOL ‘Trailer Trailer’ is as Cool as You’d Think

A few days ago we told you that two Deadpool trailers were coming; one PG version with Fantastic Four and another R-rated version to debut on Conan tomorrow night. Make sure to check back to UTF soon to watch the first full-lengh trailer, but for now Fox has unveiled a “trailer trailer” featuring entirely new footage. Spoilers: it’s as witty and awesome as you’d expect. Check it out!!

I’m also a big fan of the video description (which is so true).

When you’re stuck in a day
that’s gray,
and lonely…
Just stick out your chin,
and grin,
and say…
everything looks sexier in red

Is that supposed to be a poem? Damn you, Ryan Reynolds.

deadpool trailer trailer

The marketing will evidently keep the self-referential humour of the character but it’s 50/50 on whether audiences will end up embracing that. It could come across as too confident and assured which would be weird since most of the general public has no idea who Wade Wilson is. On the other hand, it could be a breath of fresh air for an endless cycle of similar-looking superhero movies, which is the opinion that I hold. Deadpool‘s humour is right up my street and if this trailer trailer (no doubt making fun of those 10-second teasers studios release nowadays) is anything to go by then I’m gonna fucking love this movie.

Check back to UTF tomorrow for the full trailer!