The Dark Knight Rises’ marathon and midnight tickets went on sale today!

You may not have noticed, but today tickets for the Dark Knight Rises went on sale at local theaters and digital ticket outlets (such as Fandango) in the United States.

Not just the midnight showings went up, but tickets for trilogy showings that will sport all three Christopher Nolan directed Batman films, back-to-back-to-back all leading up to the midnight showing of the Dark Knight Rises.  Both AMC (for more info click here) and Harkins Theaters (for more info click here) are sporting marathons at select locations.

The epic conclusion of this trilogy is coming, and I know fans (like me) are eager to see how this story wraps up.  Will Batman live or die?  Will we see a surprise ending that might yield a bold new direction for future Batman films?  Will Catwoman be a good addition?  Will Bane be a worthwhile villain?   Only time will tell.

Movie enthusiasts and comic fans can look forward to finding out answers to all these questions and more, as we all fill out our local theaters on July 20th, 2012.  Until then you can go ahead, pick up your ticket and plan your excuse for calling into work that day.

SOURCE:, AMC Theaters & Harkins Theaters