The Cosmic Cube Is Gonna Be Around For a Long, Long Time

I hate the Cosmic Cube (or the Tesseract, if you’re like Marvel Studios, and you want to conceal its goofy proper name). I hate it in the comics. I hate it in cartoons. I especially hate it in the live action box office behemoth The Avengers.

Now, before a league of angry, sweaty, fellow fanboys kick down my door and haul me off to Joss Whedon’s personal sacrificial altar, allow me to explain myself. I absolutely adore the recent live action outing by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. It was funny, witty, and filled with ridiculously whimsical action scenes (cue Bruce Banner’s “I’m always angry” Hulk out), but it suffered from some pretty corny elements… like the Cosmic Cube. Sure, it’s a serviceable MacGuffin, and it certainly ties together the seemingly far fetched world of Asgard together with the more tech-centric realm of Earth, but it’s still one hell of a goofy choice.

“Here’s a brick of energy that we’re not going to explain, but it’s mysterious and nifty, so it completely justifies everything that’s happening in this movie”.

Yea Marvel… I’m not buying it.

Well, I thought we could finally abandon that little piece of mediocrity after Thor returned it to Odin’s trophy room (oh, that’s kind of an Avengers spoiler, by the way), but apparently Marvel is holding onto the Cube for future films. Check out this interview with the Studios’ head honcho Kevin Feige, the 4 minute mark specifically.

So… what do you guys think? Am I right? Or am I just being a D-bag?