The Amazing Spider-Man Viral Marketing Continues

The Amazing Spider-Man  panel at WonderCon has just begun, and so has the next stage of the viral marketing. The official Twitter account for the movie linked to a video called ‘Daily Bugle Spider-Man Exclusive‘, also confirming that the Daily Bugle will appear in some form in the movie. The video is of the Bugle interviewing Captain George Stacy (love interest Gwen Stacy’s father and head of the NYPD), with him announcing a hotline (877-651-8503) for people to call in with sightings of Spider-Man. Check it out below:

The channel displaying the video is called ‘dailybugletv‘ and was created today. It’s description is the following:

From the depths of our bustling subway to the heights of our majestic skyscrapers, this truly is a city that never sleeps… and neither does our coverage of it. The Daily Bugle is your unflinching eye on crime, heroism and everything in-between. Check back often for breaking stories.

The video also links to a brand new website where people can send in pictures of sightings of Spider-Man (and at the moment they’re pretty ridiculous) and that’s called Also, the old viral marketing site for the movie (  has been updated talking about the new site, and with a new description:

Just as Spider-Man fights crime, we must fight the forces of misperception. Captain Stacy of the NYPD has just come forward in vehemant opposition to our hero, but his accusations are misplaced. We will not be deterred. The fear mongering and propoganda found at can not stand unanswered, and we promise to eradicate those slandered images of Spider-Man depicted in their repulsive posters. We support the side of good, and will ultimately prevail. Stay vigilant.

Well, this is certainly exciting! Stay tuned to UTF as this story develops and remember my friends, stay vigilant.