TERMINATOR Makes Good On Promise And Comes Back – Gets Summer 2015 Release Date

Paramount Pictures have announced that the 5th film in the Terminator franchise is due to hit screens on June 26, 2015. Terminator: Salvation (4) didn’t receive the best reaction from critics with the film currently sat at 33% on Rotten Tomatoes. The new film, planned to be the first part of a stand-alone trilogy, will hopefully fall more in line with the first two movies in the series.

Little is known about the film other than Avatar’s Laeta Kalorgridis and Drive Angry’s Patrick Lussier will be developing the script. Confirmed, however, is Arnie’s return to the film. It’s rumored he will be playing a regular human this time around, protecting the Connor family during the 40’s or 50’s.

Most interesting are the rumors floating around the Dwayne Johnson will be appearing in the movie. Johnson has seen growing popularity on the big screen since his appearance in Fast and Furious 5 and has been pegged as the heir to the action hero role previously inhabited by Schwarzenegger and Stallone etc. Johnson, it’s surmised, will be a Terminator sent from the future to kill the Connors and it’s up to Arnie to stop him. This rumor comes from an Examiner report.

We’d love to see Johnson take up the mantle as action icon

There is no news on the director, but Justin Lin was originally attached to the project. He couldn’t commit due to his involvement with the Fast and Furious franchise, but now that he is no longer working on the seventh installment of that franchise it looks like he could be working with Johnson once more.

Paramount have stated that they are hoping to finish this new stand-alone trilogy before 2019, when the rights to the Terminator licence revert to James Cameron.

I think, in the end, we can all agree that no one cares about the Terminator movie and all we really want is a new Scorpion King film!

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Source: The Inquisitr