Stan Lee Comments About a Bi-Sexual Peter Parker- Is He A Bigot?

A few weeks ago, Andrew Garfield questioned why Peter Parker couldn’t be a bi-sexual character and explore his sexuality.  It was a brave move for Garfield. Garfield stated that he had asked his director “What if MJ is a dude?’ Why can’t we discover that Peter is exploring his sexuality? It’s hardly even groundbreaking! … So why can’t he be gay? Why can’t he be into boys?”

At Fandomfest in Louisville, Kentucky, a fan asked Stan Lee what his opinions are on Garfield’s comments.  Using his classic Stan Lee sarcastic tone, Lee replied “Who says he’s becoming bisexual? Spider-Man? Who have you been talking to? I don’t know, seriously, I don’t know anything about that. And if it’s true, I’m going to make a couple of phone calls. I figure one sex is enough for anybody.”

It should be stated, I am not bi-sexual so I do not have the background to critique Lee’s statements with the sensitivity of someone who these comments could have hurt.

Lee has created a public persona that is a commodity in itself.  He is as much known for his iconic Stan Lee wit as he is for his comics, and his interviews should never be taken seriously as they are often just him joking with the audience.  Everything the dude says is hilarious and I could not help but smile at him being clueless to Garfield’s comments.

Lee is also was a known ladies’ man, who, back in the day, used to take great pride in the amount of women he had wooed.  If he had been busy courting both sexes I am pretty sure he would have had no damn time to write comics (even while using the Marvel method).  So he is absolutely correct that one sex was more than enough for him.

The funniest part of the statement is that if Sony did make Peter bi-sexual in the next flick, Lee would be the first person pimping the movie.  He would be shilling it all over the convention scene, bragging about how groundbreaking it is.

That said, I could see a lot of fans being hurt by the legend’s comments, whether he meant to do so or not.

Here is the video:

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What do you think of Stan Lee’s Comments about a Bi-Sexual Peter Parker?  I would especially like to hear from the fans personally affected by his statements.


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