Ever since I first read J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potterseries, I always assumed that Hogwart’s students would be pretty promiscuous. I’m not saying this as a creepy older dude, I’m casually reminding you guys what I thought as an 11-year-old. That’s a completely legitimate thought for a kid. Besides, you know you’ve thought the same.

Think about it…hundreds of kids go away to a co-ed school where they learn about spells, potions, and weird magical creatures. Ignoring all of the fantasy nonsense, that sounds almost exactly like college, except those Wizards wouldn’t use booze to loosen up girls…they’d just use their funky sorcery. Well, it seems like my immature musings were spot on. I’ve unearthed a video that candidly documents the problem of Slytherin ‘romps’ that’ve gone rampant at Hogwarts. Check it out below