Simon Pegg Returns as Drunk RON WEASLEY!


Back in the 90’s when J.K. Rowling came up with Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger on a train journey I’m sure this is what she envisioned the characters would turn in to.

Tomorrow – July 31st – happens to be Potter’s birthday where he’ll be turning 35, which means the mid-life crisis is slowly starting to sink in. One would expect his best friend Ron to be happy for him on such an occasion, however the reality is quite the opposite; Ron has finally had enough of all the attention Harry gets, and what do we Brits do when we’re sad and grumpy about something?

We get drunk, of course.

Yes, that was Simon Pegg under the ginger frock. Drunk Ron Weasley has appeared before on Jimmy Fallon for Harry’s 33rd birthday where he seemed a little more enthusiastic (well, as enthusiastic as a drunk Englishman can be) about the well-wishes as he sung happy birthday, albeit a slightly edited version.

Hermione has left him twice now; once for Neville Longbottom and once for Victor Crumb. C’mon, Ron, dump her!

Potheads, we’re probably never gonna see another direct movie or book sequel featuring the golden trio, so this is the best you’ve got – those beloved childhood memories have now been defiled with visions of Simon Pegg’s “chamber of secrets”. Shudders.

I’m actually quite excited for Drunk Ron Weasley’s next appearance; given the two-year interval, will he show up for Harry’s 37th birthday in 2017? Perhaps we’ll get Drunk Harry Potter alongside him and the friends will set aside their differences. How’s that for quality family entertainment?