Simon Pegg Could Be ANT-MAN!

Holy crap, fanboys!

Remember when Vin Diesel pretended that he was going to be The Vision in the next Avengers movie? Remember how he eventually ended up becoming Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy?

Simon Pegg is either playing a similar trick on us or he just scored one of the most coveted roles in movies today.

Namely, he posted a rather interesting picture on Twitter recently:

“Just kidding! Ant-Man is going to be Nick Frost, actually.”

That would be our dear friend Shaun of the Dead pointing at a picture of B-list superhero Ant-Man. Normally a movie like that wouldn’t be exciting, but Ant-Man is being directed by none other than fan favorite Edgar Wright. So you know it’s gonna be awesome.

Wright could’ve just found his Ant-Man. They’ve worked together on three of his four films, and they’re friends in real life. So really Simon Pegg would be the perfect choice for the pint-sized hero. We’ll keep you updated on what could be the best superhero movie of 2015.