SDCC: Thor: The Dark World Footage Sounds Amazing And Loki Is A Badass

Marvel certainly now how to reveal a trailer and simultaneously win San Diego Comic Con. Hall H buzzed with excitement that erupted when Loki himself appeared on stage. Before the footage was shown, Tom Hiddleston assumed his iconic role as Asgard’s eternal douchebag and drove the crowd wild with this speech:

“Humanity! Look how far you’ve fallen, waiting all day in the sweltering heat, huddled in the dark. I am Loki of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose. Stand back, you mewling quim! The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life’s joy in a mad scramble for a place in this chamber, this miserly palace of Midgard, the meagre place they call Hall H. You should have let me rule you when you had the chance. Yet here you are! Kneel! Your ears yearn for untold stories. Your eyes crave unseen sights. Your imaginations ache and hunger. Where are your Avengers now? Claim loyalty to me and I will give you what you need. Say my name! It seems I have an army. Feast your eyes!”

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Amidst screams of ‘Loki! Loki! Loki!’ the footage started and it sounds pretty fantastic. SPOILERS BELOW SO DONT SAY WE DIDN’T WARN YOU:

We got some good humored joking between Thor and Sif, clearly showing Thor had hit his stride a lot more comfortably than Iron Man after the events of New York. We got some sass pouring out of Natalie Portman as she delivered a powerful hit to Loki’s face, representing humanity with a hearty ‘That’s for New York!’.

We got a hint that Jane and Thor’s love story would be developed more than the first film, kind of necessary after her complete absence from The Avengers. Finally, we got a big shock as the footage came to a crashing halt as Thor reached for Mjolnir and Loki’s blade sweeps down, seemingly, clean through Thor’s wrist.

For a world-threatening villain, this guy sure has a lot of fans

Thor: The Dark World is due to hit screens November 8th, 2013.

Source: Empire