Robert Downey Jr In Talks To Reprise IRON MAN In THE AVENGERS Sequels

Following our earlier article on the heated contract negotiations between Marvel and it’s Avengers cast, The Hollywood Reporter have accidentally let slip that their huge star Robert Downey Jr is negotiating a new contract with the studio (it was up with Iron Man 3) to appear as Tony Stark in The Avengers 2 and 3. But what about Iron Man 4?

Sources close to the dealmaking say Downey has entered negotiations to reprise his role in Marvel’s The Avengers 2 and The Avengers 3, the first of which has a May 1, 2015, release date and will cap what is known as Phase 2 of the Marvel movies in the same way 2012’s Avengers culminated the first Marvel wave that began with 2008’s Iron Man. Avengers 3 has no release date and probably will not hit screens at leastuntil the end of Phase 3, in 2017. But sources say Iron Man 4 has not been part of the discussions, and it’s unclear whether Downey, 48, wants to return for another stand-alone sequel.

There had been some uncertainty that a fourth movie would happen by both fans and the cast, however as the third instalment is already nearly at $750m worldwide (with it scheduled to hit $1B by next week) I imagine it’s hard for talk not to turn to a fourth movie at Marvel’s creative meetings.

I’m not really that fussed about seeing a fourth Iron Man film at all, but I wouldn’t mind if the character was relegated to Avengers appearances only. I’d much rather have Tony Stark either die/leave at the end of the second film but obviously because this is Marvel’s cash cow there’s no way in hell that’s happening.

What do you think about all this negotiation shit? How many more movies do you want to see Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man in? Share your thoughts below!

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter