RALPH BAKSHI Looking for Animators for Mystery Project

From Bleeding Cool comes the very exciting news that one of the great American film auteurs of all time, Ralph Bakshi, is looking for animators to work on a project called “Bakshi Blues.”

Art Director Jeaux Janvosky’s blog has little in the way of actual details of the project:

I got the go ahead from Ralph to start working on a new animation project he’s developing! Ralph has been working on painting for the past 15 years, and this will mark his return to animation! This is going to be BIG!!! It’s amazing that he wants me to be a part of it! It still hasn’t fully hit me yet.

My role will be to develop, art direct, animate, and design Start and End title cards for the project, and I couldn’t be happier doing so!!!

Bakshi is responsible for some of the greatest animated films of all time, including Fritz the Cat (which is the most commercially successful independent animated film of all time) and Wizards. He also produced the 1967 Spider-Man television show— the one with the “does whatever a spider can” theme song that, once it gets stuck in your head, stays there for the rest of the day.

Click on this image to watch the opening theme from the 1967 Spider-Man animated TV show.

If you’re an animator and want to work with a legend, you should definitely try to get in on this. I was thinking about contacting them myself but the word “craptastic” doesn’t appear after the words “old school” in their call for animators.

Click on this image to see some truly mind-bending animation.

I should probably be more ashamed than I am. Still, I know enough not to bother them by sending an email.