Prepare yourself, the GODZILLA Trailer Goes Live Tuesday! Plus the First Viral Stuff are Revealed


After days, months, and years, Legendary will finally *officially* release the trailer for Godzilla. If you’re like me, you managed to catch the leaked teaser from Comic Con two years ago, which actually leaked a couple of months ago. And less known to people is that another trailer was leaked, albeit very briefly. I have a feeling this trailer will be that one. The one that leaked on Facebook showcased some military sky-divers and it really made the film look like a disaster movie. Of course, at this point it could be just a brand new trailer altogether. Or it could be the teaser showcased at this year’s Comic Con.

What do you hope to see? Personally I’m hoping to get a glimpse at the enemy monsters tentatively titled ‘Mutos.’ But regardless this trailer will give the world a good idea with how this film is going to be, something longtime Godzilla fans like myself will be very interested in. It should go live Tuesday at 10 a.m. Pacific and 1 p.m. Eastern Tuesday.

Meanwhile, have a look at some mysterious images and a video from M.U.T.O. Research, the movie’s first viral site.







Now that was pretty neat!

And of course, as the the trailer will tell you, the film shall be released on May 16th next year. (Don’t forget, 2014 is G’s 60th anniversary!)


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