Orcs, Asgardians, and Lady Sif on Set of THOR: THE DARK WORLD

The latest batch of pics from the Bourne Woods set of THOR: THE DARK WORLD have just hit the world wide interwebs and they’re pretty damn amazing!

Supporting Director Alan Taylor’s claim that the Odinson will travel to darker, deeper depths, these photos showcase a battle between gold gilded Asgardians and a very Orc-like enemy… The Dark Elves, perhaps? Or maybe they’re a troll race from one of the lesser 9 worlds? We can’t say for sure, but they seem to be in league with the other, more human baddies on screen.

We’ve also got a shot of Lady Sif perusing the field, sporting a grittier version of her traditional armor.  Doesn’t she look badass?

From the scene synopsis, we know that Thor will eventually stop the battle between these two factions, but no photos of Chris Hemsworth’s hammer throwing skills have surfaced.  We’ll keep hunting, but in the mean time, check out the current pics below:

With Kenneth Branagh’s valiant (but nevertheless campy) introduction of Thor out of the way, the road ahead is cleared for the wilder tales of Asgard and Marvel’s pantheon of enemies.

What do you guys think? Are these pictures phenomenal? Are you happy with the more realistic, Viking inspired direction? Or do you want the film to stick to its lighter roots.

SOURCE: Daily Mail