Ol’ Goldilocks Looks Sharp in New THOR : THE DARK WORLD Toys

Marvel’s just unveiled their partial lineup of toys for Fall’s THOR : THE DARK WORLD. Showing some reserve (especially for a studio that’s so perfectly whored out their properties… not that I haven’t enjoyed it the entire time) the ridiculously awful “Super Special Water Cannon” and “Day Job Attire” variants of the little frost giant slayer are no more. Instead, we have these somewhat classy figures aimed at kiddos between ages 6-12.

Not like that arbitrary limit will stop me, or anything. A grown man can still reenact Thor vs Loki in a bubble bath, right?


What the hell is Thor wearing in that last one?  Is that his post-smashing-faces-into-brittle snuggie?  I always knew the Odinson had a weakness for cheap infomercial goods in all of their soft, felty glory.

In all honesty, though, these toys look amazing.  Far better than the Asgardians fared with their Avengers tie-in action figures.  My only complaint is that the Dark Elves still look a bit silly.  After catching glimpses of them on set, I hoped that Director Alan Taylor would pretty them up with a dusting of CGI, but if these photos are any indication, they’ll keep the same aesthetics.

They are kinda glorious when you look at them in the right light, I suppose… like giant, golden Yodas.