Nick Fury’s Whereabouts and More CIVIL WAR Press Conference Highlights

Captain America Civil War

Today I was lucky enough to attend the Captain America: Civil War press conference with the entire cast, bar Tom Holland, Chadwick Boseman, Don Cheadle and Scarlett Johansson. Yours truly didn’t manage to throw in a question however plenty of interesting ones were asked, my favourite being the actors’ little discussion at the end about the size of their respective trailers, and how Robert Downey Jr. has a bunch which he calls “the village,” inviting a different actor to lunch each day. Part of me thinks they were joking, but I honestly wouldn’t be shocked if that is what actually happened.

The Q&A was light on spoilers and reveals, but big on cast interaction and little tidbits. You truly get the sense that these actors are all great friends with their in-jokes and playful banter; it was infectious, and only drove my excitement for seeing the movie. Let’s run through a few of those little tidbits, shall we?

We’ll Find Out Where Nick Fury and Maria Hill Are Soon


One of the big questions surrounding Civil War has been where the hell Nick Fury is in all of this, as well as Maria Hill, who was pretty much the Avengers’ secretary in Age of Ultron. Given their importance to these heroes you’d think they would at least pop up for a cameo, but they are unfortunately nowhere to be seen.

When asked where both of these characters are during the events of the movie, the Russos’ responded cryptically, saying that we’ll “find out soon,” and it’s a story for “future movies down the line”. Commence speculation over whether that will be in Infinity War or earlier, and what exactly that story is, now.

Baron Zemo Will Probably be Back

baron zemo civil war

Poor Daniel Brühl; when quizzed over how many movies he’s got left in his contract, he felt the heat of the Marvel snipers taking aim and tried to brush off the question by saying he couldn’t answer it. He then said that he “hopes so, but no,” which Anthony Mackie made fun of him for. It probably didn’t help that Kevin Feige was sat right next to him.

I know diddly squat about what Baron Zemo will be up to in Civil War (which is incredibly refreshing), but I think it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing more of him in the future.

A Sharon Carter/Steve Rogers Romance is Up in the Air

sharon carter civil war

In the comics, Steve Rogers’ girlfriend is Sharon Carter, the niece of his former girlfriend, Peggy. This relationship has always seemed kinda weird yet it is nonetheless the defining trait of Sharon (which sucks); however, when she was brought in in The Winter Soldier her heritage wasn’t touched upon, and I don’t know if it is in Civil War either. One thing which definitely isn’t brought up in the movie is the possibility of a Steve/Sharon romance, as Emily van Camp said that she “doesn’t know” if that’ll happen.

If she isn’t just being used as a glorified love interest in the movies then I am extremely interested about what role her character will play moving forward. It opens up a ton of possibilities.

Character Relationships are Key

vision scarlet witch civil war

Even though they find themselves on opposite teams in Civil War, Wanda Maximoff and the Vision nonetheless share a close personal bond. The Mind Stone embedded in Vision’s head is what brought him to life, and it is what gave Wanda her powers. Paul Bettany, the man underneath all that heavy make-up, put it poignantly; neither of them know the extent of their powers, which is “terrifying,” but they are unified through that fear and the Infinity Stone.

Could this develop into a romantic relationship, as it did in the comics? We’ll see – but I’d place money on it (after seeing Civil War, of course).

Similarly, the relationship between Steve and Bucky has been a strong highlight of the Captain America highlight for pretty much everyone. It’s also what drives the plot of this movie; Chris Evans spoke a little about their strong bond and how it’s more than just friendship. Steve and Bucky are relics of an older time, and if one of them dies or leaves then the other will be truly alone in this world. I can’t wait to see how their story unfolds in the movie.

Some DC Shade

marvel and dc

It was only natural that the other team would get a mention at some point. When a journalist asked Chris Evans if the formation of the Justice League has made the Avengers “up their game,” he remarked that Marvel “don’t make movies for anyone but themselves”. Anthony Mackie chimed in, saying that Marvel movies are just “really, really good”. Robert Downey Jr. rounded it off by proclaiming that “when they get a Bucky, then we’ll talk.”


I am genuinely curious over whether any of the people on stage had watched Batman v Superman and what they thought (if so, I doubt any of them liked it), however it’s not a question which would have been appropriate for a press conference and they all would have just avoided it. I’m also curious as to whether they think DC’s critical failure is beneficial or a drawback to Marvel, or whether it’s irrelevant.

If CIVIL WAR Actually Happened, Chris Evans Would be #TeamIronMan

captain america civil war promo art

This one was a little surprising.

When asked how Civil War would play out in our world, Chris Evans said instantly that the government would be “team Iron Man,” and then stated that he would be too – “you’ve gotta have oversight”. Interestingly, he used the term “vigilantes” when describing the Avengers, which is what General Ross uses in the movie too – and he’s on Team Iron Man.

He’s right, of course, but it does make me wonder where Evans draws the line between the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the real world on this issue. Is it because these guys are still presented as superheroes? Or does he not actually side with his own character? I reckon if Civil War were to actually happen, the majority of us would be on Tony’s team.

Captain America: Civil War punches its way into UK cinemas this Friday, and reaches US shores on May 6th.