Will New IRON MAN 3 Trailer Reveal Hulkbuster Armor and An Army of Shellheads?

A new trailer for Flying Drunk in a Metal Suit 3 IRON MAN 3 is set to make its debut alongside OZ: The Great And Powerful, but as it so often happens with these super secret Hollywood thingies, a few eager fans managed to catch a glimpse before the official premiere.  They relayed the best bits of information to our elitist frenemies at Bleeding Cool, who condensed it into a fiery few paragraphs of armor and awesomeness:

The President of the United States appears and declares war on The Mandarin and The Ten Rings, his terrorist group.There are more shots of The Mandarin, and he continues to threaten Tony personally.

As a result, Tony gets rather cross. He says something like:

You’ve made this personal. I’m coming for you, Mandarin.

We see Tony and Rhodey flying in to battle, followed by a whole battalion of the other Iron Man armors. Tony calls them “his boys” and there’s dozens of them. They’re of all different looks and styles, some of them familiar, some of them new.

Indeed, the very last shot showcases one special suit of armour in particular, smashing through a wall. Neither of our Little Bleeders feel one hundred percent sure, having seen the fleeting shot only one time, but they both shared the same suspicion with me…

…could it really be Hulkbuster armour?

Fanboy overload. Going into coma. Someone bring the insulin.

While Marvel Studios has spent the previous 2 movies (Thor and The Avengers) exploring the fantastical elements of their universe, this synopsis sounds like a return to the realism I preferred in the fist two Iron Man movies. Not to start another Whedon bashfest, since his movie was pretty damn fantastic, but in a silly petty fanboy way I resent how he reduced the complicated verse created in Favreau’s first 2 shellhead adventures to “Look! There’s a powerful magic lego block! We gotta get rid of it!”.

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