New GODZILLA Poster is Atmospherically Awesome!

It’s amazing how big news just pop up without any warning or pre-hype. Yahoo Movies just dropped a brand new poster for this year’s monster epic, GODZILLA. So far there have been only three posters released. We had the simple one from two years back, the famous one with the ‘Halo jumpers,’ and the cool artistic one. Now we have this one which might be the best one yet.

godzilla 2014 poster

We already know based on everything said that Godzilla himself will be treated with the utmost respect. He will be an unstoppable force. This poster further exemplifies that by having him tower over the city. No clear face shot just yet, (though if you’ve been following the leaks, you know what to expect) but as you can see the dorsal plates are very jagged, almost wooden looking. One thing’s for sure, it looks like this Godzilla design will align itself with the Japanese greats.

Only three months to go, I’ll hope you’ll be at your theater on May 16th!

godzilla heisei 1

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