More Iron Man 3 Casting News

Latino Review is doing a bunch of exclusives regarding Iron Man III, as the first post-Avengers Marvel movie began filming Wednesday. They reveal that Die Hard II actor William Sadler has joined the cast in an unknown role, and give some more details on how the various different villains will be portrayed on screen. Both Sadler and Guy Pearce were on set for a costume fitting, although that’s all we know.

With the addition of Firepower to Coldblood-7 and the shadow of the Mandarin looming over the production, it’s starting to look like Ben Kingsley is going to inject some proto-Extremis into characters named after old comic villains.

A movie that had both Coldblood-7, Mandarin AND Firepower would be over-packed, so look for James Badge Dale and Ashley Hamilton to be villains, but not in robo-cop and Iron Man suits respectively.

Adding Firepower to the flick does seem like it fits into the greater picture, as Firepower was able to defeat Stark in the comics, forcing him to go put a new suit on. We’ll likely see something like this, only with Extremis.

How do you think Sadler and all these villains will be portrayed on screen? Sound off below.

SOURCE: Latino Review