Morbius And Venom Also Get Teased In AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Trailer


If you think that the Vulture and Doc Ock were the only other villains teased in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer, you would be wrong. DailySuperhero picked up on a screenshot from the trailer that shows “VENOM STORAGE” and “DR. MORBIUS FILE” on an OsCorp computer. It’s possible Sony will also try to setup future spin-offs starting with Spider-Man 2. Venom already has a spin-off film in development, does this mean Morbius is being setup as the villain for Amazing Spider-Man 4 or could he get his own film?

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A Venom spin-off has been in the works over at Sony for years so his inclusion isn’t that surprising. Gary Ross (Hunger Games, Pleasantville) was attached to direct originally before the studio looked to replace him with Josh Trank (Chronicle, Fantastic Four). There are rumblings they could look to replace yet another director as the project is said to be wanted to be fast-tracked into production. Since they have a completed script from Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese (Zombieland, Deadpool, G.I. Joe: Retaliation). This might confirm previous theories that the symbiote won’t have an alien origin because Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 sort of ruined that angle. Speculation points to the studio looking to the alternate host which has been veteran Flash Thompson, an ex-boyfriend of Mary Jane and classmate of Peter.

Morbius from an alternate ending to Blade

Morbius from an alternate ending to Blade

The rights for Dr. Michael Morbius are a little less cut-and-dry than Venom. New Line Cinema used the Living Vampire in an alternate ending to the original Blade. You could tell it was him because of figure’s blue hair and pale blue skin. Director Stephen Norrington was setting up the sequel which would focus on Morbius as the villain. This was confirmed by David Goyer in the DVD’s commentary calling out the character by name. Norrington went off to make The League of Extraordinary Gentleman and Guillermo del Toro came in making Blade 2 instead. My understanding at the time New Line Cinema owned the rights to Marvel’s vampire characters (similar to Fox’s deal owning mutants) which included Blade, Deacon Frost, Hannibal King, Whistler, The Blood Pack, Lilith and Dracula. Although, for some odd reason Jack Russell aka Werewolf By Night showed up in a deleted scene from Blade Trinity.

His origins come from the Spider-Man comics and becomes a vampiric villain from a science experiment gone wrong, something more in tune with the original origin of The Lizard (something that was changed for Amazing Spider-Man). I remember hearing there was a strong rumor that Morbius was being considered for Spider-Man 4, which got this positive reaction from director Sam Raimi during this FearNet interview promoting Drag Me To Hell. The director was questioned about vampires showing up in the fourth film. We would later learn that The Vulture (John Malkovich) and Black Cat (Anne Hathaway) were the actual villains of the film, two characters that are already rumored for future Spidey films.

Screen shot 2013-12-05 at 10.37.30 PMWhat? I don’t know anything about that.. I guess they’re appealing like the best of villains they have positive qualities. That is they can be very sexy and alluring..and um the way in which they attack you is very sensual its almost something that you desire. You know the bat, we’re all scared of bats so that’s kind of cool some vampire stories go there some don’t. But, um that’s what I also like there’s also a cure against them in some of the lore like garlic or the cross, that’s really interesting there’s a way to stop them. There’s a whole story that can be made with all those of elements it’s got some real rules and laws. And you can be turned into one of them is interesting also, you’ve got a lot of enticing qualities for a storyteller or an audience. 

I’m not exactly sure if Sony owns anything more than the name Dr. Morbius, however we have heard that Sony is looking to create a bunch of spin-offs. Morbius is introduced as a villain but eventually becomes a hero himself joining the ranks of The Midnight Sons, a supergroup of monstrous Marvel heroes. If Sony does hold the rights could Morbius end up getting his own spin-off movie? There’s also the possibility that Black Cat, Venom and even Morbius could end up helping out Parker fight off the Sinister Six in future installments.




SOURCE: DailySuperhero